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World Manufacturing Forum

PMI-Network will be at the WMF 2021. This edition will be focused on digital technologies as key enablers for circularity. The events and talks will be live streamed on 20 […]

Value chain transformation towards a Circular Economy

Watch the event recording VNL Schweiz in collaboration with the PMI network project consortium and the Supsi Department of Innovative Technologies organizes the workshop: The transformation of value chains in […]

Smart System Solutions + Factory

Research and development, security, new ways of collecting, managing and analyzing data, impact on business models: these are the key elements of the even A 360° focus on the innovation […]

Recovery and recycling of plastic materials

Watch the event recording Speeches Closing the loop Speaker: Barbara Del Curto Presentation: Chiudere il cerchio The introductory intervention will aim to frame the current scenario in the field of […]


IoT technology to support interconnected products and processes

The enabling technology at the base is called the Internet of Things (IoT, in Italian Internet of Things) and comes from the desire to digitally connect everything that surrounds us […]

Sustainability = Competitiveness

The crisis linked to Covid-19 situation has had and will have strong consequences on the current economic, social and environmental reality, impacting companies in both the financial and non-financial fields. This […]

TECH DAY "Health and Safety in SMEs"

Occupational health and safety regulations apply to all businesses, no matter how small: employers must take actions to reduce risks deriving from exposure to physical, chemical, and radiological agents. Good […]

Financial planning. The ingredients to grow

The crisis linked to Covid-19 situation led to an exogenous shock on economic and financial performance, generating stress on liquidity. Companies can initiate revision projects/initial setting of short and medium/long-term […]

Closing the 2020 budget. How to win the challenge.

In relation to the forthcoming drafting of the 2020 balance sheet, companies are facing the end of an unprecedented year. In response to the widespread uncertainty deriving from the current […]

The value of applied research and technology transfer: Electronic Nose

Nowadays, universities impact is also measured on the “third mission”, which sees the universities as engines of economic and social development. In particular, for public universities, the third mission is […]

Optimising production planning by means of process simulation

The growing adoption of digital technologies within industrial environments allows for an ever-greater transition of technical and business processes in the digital world, to provide advanced decision making support in […]

Flow batteries for stationary storage: status and prospects

Flow batteries are a technology that is proving to be very promising for stationary electrical energy storage applications, thanks to their long useful life and the intrinsic ability to decouple […]

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