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Value chain transformation towards a Circular Economy

Watch the event recording VNL Schweiz in collaboration with the PMI network project consortium and the Supsi Department of Innovative […]

Recovery and recycling of plastic materials

Watch the event recording Speeches Closing the loop Speaker: Barbara Del Curto Presentation: Chiudere il cerchio The introductory intervention will […]

Smart System Solutions + Factory

Research and development, security, new ways of collecting, managing and analyzing data, impact on business models: these are the key […]

Success story

BiomimX: a startup that serves businesses

Paola Occhetta (CEO), Marco Rasponi (CTO) and Alberto Redaelli (scientific advisor) founded BiomimX, an innovative start-up that came from a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano in 2017. It develops […]


World Manufacturing Forum

PMI-Network will be at the WMF 2021. This edition will be focused on digital technologies as key enablers for circularity. […]

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IoT technology to support interconnected products and processes

The enabling technology at the base is called the Internet of Things (IoT, in Italian Internet of Things) and comes […]

TECH DAY “Health and Safety in SMEs”

Occupational health and safety regulations apply to all businesses, no matter how small: employers must take actions to reduce risks […]

Additive manufacturing of metallic materials and its industrial use

In recent years, additive manufacturing processes have been the subject of great interest, both in terms of research and with […]

Sustainability = Competitiveness

The crisis linked to Covid-19 situation has had and will have strong consequences on the current economic, social and environmental […]

Financial planning. The ingredients to grow

The crisis linked to Covid-19 situation led to an exogenous shock on economic and financial performance, generating stress on liquidity. […]

Closing the 2020 budget. How to win the challenge.

In relation to the forthcoming drafting of the 2020 balance sheet, companies are facing the end of an unprecedented year. […]

The value of applied research and technology transfer: Electronic Nose

Nowadays, universities impact is also measured on the “third mission”, which sees the universities as engines of economic and social […]

Optimising production planning by means of process simulation

The growing adoption of digital technologies within industrial environments allows for an ever-greater transition of technical and business processes in […]

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