Date and time

15 September 2021
09:15 - 16:00


SUPSI Campus Est Lugano-Viganello
Via La Santa 1

Research and development, security, new ways of collecting, managing and analyzing data, impact on business models: these are the key elements of the even

A 360° focus on the innovation path of production processes, told through the experience of some Ticino excellences.

Event program

09:15 Welcome

SUPSI: Welcome speech, event and group presentation of work. Intro on crucial issues for Industry 4.0
AITI: Digitization and Ticino
INTERREG: Digitization and cross-border collaboration
JABIL: Energy consumption control with a data-driven approach
IMERYS: Logistics, AGV systems, intralogistic


BEXSOL: The path to digitization
SECURITY LAB: Cyber ​​security – Defense against cyber attacks and regulatory obligations
AF&G: The opportunities of digitization on business models

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Thematic tables

SMC: Energy efficiency
BSA: Predictive Maintenance
SAECON: Safety and legal compliance

16:00 Event closing

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