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28 May 2020
11:00 - 12:30



In a context where uncontrollable pandemics are disrupting production systems around the world, we have a weapon that can allow us to remain operational and flexibly adapt production to changing external and internal conditions: human-machine collaboration. The coming of collaborative robots, affordable and easily integrated, becomes an essential opportunity for any small or medium enterprise, not as a model for replacing the human operator but as a tool to amplify his capabilities. A new paradigm is born in which the company goes beyond resilience and becomes able to exploit business opportunities in adversity. In a word, with Taleb, it becomes antifragile.

Tech Talk is aimed first of all at production management managers but also at other decision-makers in the company, from CEOs to human resources managers, who are interested in understanding how important this technology will be in the future of the markets in which they operate.

Engineer Andrea Bettoni – Senior Lecturer-Researcher at the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2007 from the Politecnico di Milano. After several years spent at the National Research Council, he joined SUPSI, where his research activity is carried out both nationally and internationally. His interest in production systems led him to analyze the most relevant paradigmatic themes of the last decade: from mass customization to sustainability in production processes, which over the years has been increasingly expressed as the ability to adapt symbiotically to the worker. The introduction of digital systems and human-machine collaboration tools allow giving a breakthrough to these studies. In the research projects that he coordinates over the years, we move from the first experiments of ergonomic adaptation of the workplace to a holistic approach in which the entire production system changes behavior based on the skills of the worker and his current psychophysical state in the belief that well-being and productivity are not conflicting objectives but sides of the same coin. He is the author of numerous scientific publications including the book “Mass Customization and Sustainability”.

Engineer Elias Montini – Researcher at SUPSI’s Innovative Technologies Department

Management Engineer, he obtained a Master of Science with specialization in Business and Production. He has been working since 2016 for the Sustainable Production Systems Laboratory at the Innovative Technologies Department of SUPSI. His research activity has been carried out mainly through nationally and internationally funded research projects in the context of production digitalization. Its main research field regards process innovation achieved through factory digitalization and adaptive automation to support human-machine interaction. In particular, it has experience in the design and development of working environments, where people and machines complete their capabilities to optimize production performance and improve workers’ well-being.

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