Date and time

17 July 2020
11:00 - 12:30



High-sounding and inspiring, the concept of Circular Economy to date is still poorly integrated into industrial practice. The goal of the webinar is to provide a clear definition of the concept, proposing a broad perspective not limited to reducing waste and reusing resources. The presentation will include business models, examples and thought that will lead to a redefinition of production systems, products, services and consumption methods that will maximize the benefits of the Circular Economy towards sustainable development.

Speaker: Eng. Alessandro Fontana , Department of innovative technologies – SUPSI

Materials engineer, he worked as an analyst of the environmental aspects of the product at BTicino S.p.A. (Legrand Group), a leading company in the production of electrical and electronic products for installation. During many years of industrial experience he has developed skills in Life Cycle Assessment, eco-design of products and production processes, certifications and environmental regulations.
He is currently a Research Professor at SUPSI where he deals with applied research projects at national and international level relating to the development of models and tools for assessing sustainability. He teaches Industrial Sustainability at bachelor’s, master’s and continuous training levels.

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