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Financial planning. The ingredients to grow

The crisis linked to Covid-19 situation led to an exogenous shock on economic and financial performance, generating stress on liquidity. […]

Closing the 2020 budget. How to win the challenge.

In relation to the forthcoming drafting of the 2020 balance sheet, companies are facing the end of an unprecedented year. […]

The value of applied research and technology transfer: Electronic Nose

Nowadays, universities impact is also measured on the “third mission”, which sees the universities as engines of economic and social […]

Optimising production planning by means of process simulation

The growing adoption of digital technologies within industrial environments allows for an ever-greater transition of technical and business processes in […]


Empowering the Network between Micro and Small Manufacturing Companies, Associations and University: Success Stories

In the frame of the World Manufacturing Week, Confartigianato Lombardia, partner in PMI Network project, promotes the online round table […]

Flow batteries for stationary storage: status and prospects

Flow batteries are a technology that is proving to be very promising for stationary electrical energy storage applications, thanks to […]

TECH DAY “Alternative Finance for SMEs”

In the month dedicated to financial education (www.quellocheconta.gov.it), we propose a Tech Day focus on alternative finance instruments for SMEs. […]

TECH DAY “Supply chain traceability: technological enablers and socio-economic impacts”

In general, companies do not know enough about the products that they buy and sell to navigate the many complex […]

Towards digital transformation: from the analysis of the value flow to the development of a roadmap to digitize business processes

Technological advancement and evolution in the management of industrial processes are directing companies towards a new way of interacting with […]

Wearables: research, technologies and applications

 One of the technologies which is getting actively involved in our life in recent years are the wearables. They include a wide array of devices and systems, […]

Measurements, IoT and condition based monitoring

Temperature and vibration measurements have always been used to describe the state of machineries and the paradigms of I4.0 (wireless […]

Circular economy business models – towards sustainable production and consumption

High-sounding and inspiring, the concept of Circular Economy to date is still poorly integrated into industrial practice. The goal of […]

TECH DAY “Digitization in SMEs: technologies and new opportunities”

The team of the project “PMI-NWTWORK” promotes a Tech Day as a moment of meeting and confrontation on topics related […]

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