The Symbionica project develops a new generation of additive manufacturing machines and a set of services to support the biomedical sector of exo- and endo-prostheses in titanium alloys and composite materials, totally customisable. The technology we will design will allow to totally review the way prostheses are designed. First of all, it will be possible to create prostheses of extremely complex shape and structure that integrate multiple materials. Related to internal prostheses, it will be possible to integrate smart devices for the controlled release of anti-inflammatory and antibiotics which allow to drastically speed up post-operative recovery times; in the case of bionic prostheses replacing missing limbs, the availability of special sensors and adaptive materials will allow to modify the characteristics of the prosthesis on the basis of the way they are used according to the specific needs of the person, for instance by increasing their stiffness and support in the case of sustained motion and running.

The project is carried out by SUPSI in collaboration with the following partners:

FAMOS, Globotics Industries, IRIDA LABS, IRIS, Edecta international, OPI Photonics, Ottobock Prima Powe, SinteaPLUSTEK, ITI, The University of Sheffield.

Referent: SUPSI – Dipartimento tecnologie innovative

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