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Method for mechanical processing of powders

Ball milling is a process in which one or more materials are ground by spheres in suitable material set in motion by suitable systems called generically mills. During the process, […]

TECH DAY “Supply chain traceability: technological enablers and socio-economic impacts”

In general, companies do not know enough about the products that they buy and sell to navigate the many complex […]

Measurements, IoT and condition based monitoring

Temperature and vibration measurements have always been used to describe the state of machineries and the paradigms of I4.0 (wireless […]

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TECH DAY “Digitization in SMEs: technologies and new opportunities”

The team of the project “PMI-NWTWORK” promotes a Tech Day as a moment of meeting and confrontation on topics related […]

Measuring environmental impacts for more sustainable products and processes

In response to the increasing pressure to which companies are subjected by the market and the supply and distribution chain, […]

Additive manufacturing of metallic materials and its industrial use

In recent years, additive manufacturing processes have been the subject of great interest, both in terms of research and with […]


Fornitore Offresi: avviati oltre 40 Innovation Check-Up con le PMI

Grande successo la partecipazione di PMI Network all’evento Fornitore Offresi 2020, nello spazio PID della Camera di Commercio di Como-Lecco, che […]

PMI Network, interaction possibilities between university and SME: “Innovate in 2 = Innovate²”

PMI Network si pone l’obiettivo di incrementare la competitività e l’innovazione delle PMI attraverso lo sviluppo di un sistema per […]