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Enhanced chrome tanning process

The invention relates to an electrochemical process of leather tanning. Conventionally, process of leather tanning require hours of treatment to allow olating agents to spontaneously diffuse through hide porosities. By […]

Flow batteries for stationary storage: status and prospects

Flow batteries are a technology that is proving to be very promising for stationary electrical energy storage applications, thanks to […]

TECH DAY “Supply chain traceability: technological enablers and socio-economic impacts”

In general, companies do not know enough about the products that they buy and sell to navigate the many complex […]

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Circular economy business models – towards sustainable production and consumption

High-sounding and inspiring, the concept of Circular Economy to date is still poorly integrated into industrial practice. The goal of […]

TECH DAY “Digitization in SMEs: technologies and new opportunities”

The team of the project “PMI-NWTWORK” promotes a Tech Day as a moment of meeting and confrontation on topics related […]

Measuring environmental impacts for more sustainable products and processes

In response to the increasing pressure to which companies are subjected by the market and the supply and distribution chain, […]