The COMPLEMANT project aims to harmonise the capabilities of collaborative robots with those of line operators, creating working environments where they can interact in safety conditions and increase efficiency and quality of production systems, as well as well-being of operators.

The system developed exploits the HORSE framework focusing on the integration of the following functionalities:

  1. introduction of wearable sensors to monitor in real-time the conditions of the operators together with environmental sensors to recover the context and cobot conditions;
  2. connection and extension of the HORSE Workcell Monitoring component to establish detection solutions that collect and aggregate the data provided;
  3. development of a new interface for easy access to the UR5 cobot through a Machine Learning based system to detect the conditions of activation of the interventions;
  4. connect with the company ERP to acquire awareness of the objectives of the production system.

The project is carried out by SUPSI in collaboration with the following partners: Ghepi Plastic Engineering & Innovation and the university of HOLONIX and UNIMORE.

Referente: SUPSI – Dipartimento tecnologie innovative

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