SmartRobots is a start-up founded in October 2016 as a Spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano. It was born from the experience of study and research of a team of engineers.  It proposes itself as an industrial partner for companies that want to introduce advanced collaborative robotics systems, in the context of Industry 4.0 systems.

The main product of SmartRobots is a device capable of better managing an environment in which human operators and robots work side by side. It allows mapping space in real-time, recognizing objects, peoples’ movements and gestures; and interaction with them by adapting the movements of the robots to which it is connected.

Since the beginning, the company has focused on developing and marketing technologies to support the human operator in industrial settings. The humans are still irreplaceable in most production tasks. Thus, the mission of the SmartRobots is to improve the working conditions of operators, increase their efficiency and productivity by using collaborative robots. The enhancement of human operators would allow us to keep them at the centre of the production process while increasing the company’s competitiveness.

In the first two years, SmartRobots developed its first product. The feedback collected from the dozens of end-users from manufacturing companies and through the collaboration with the five leading robot manufacturers. It helped them to improve the functionality of the product and increase the added value for the end user. During this development period, the early SmartRobots prototypes were chosen for the ABB Light House factory in Dalmine, for experiments done with Vodafone on applying 5G and  were used by the development unit of Comau global solutions and the Comau Robotics division.

The SmartRobots product was launched on the market at the end of 2018, with two respective settings; quality control and human-robot collaboration. SMEs and multinational companies in various sectors purchased the product. A few of the many areas of application were the home appliances and automotive manufacturing. The partnership with Comau led to the launch of Vir.GIL in April 2019, a solution for the control and orientation of operator quality. The SmartRobots product is also integrated as an essential component of the Vir.GIL product, marketed by Comau for the automotive and general industries. SmartRobots is subsidiary of e-Novia, a company that helps in growing the start-ups in its internal high-tech environment.

Referent: Politecnico di Milano

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