The story of Phononic Vibes technology begins with the doctoral thesis of Eng. Luca D’alessandro: where he was designing a modular structure to isolate mechanical or acoustic vibrations, independent of size and material.

The developed technology is capable of isolating from vibrations at low frequencies and in a very wide range. Thus, protecting infrastructures from vibrations coming from industrial machinery, rail/tramway transportations and external noise.

The idea after a first conceptual validation was presented at Switch2Product 2017 and it won a prize in the “Innovative Solutions” category. The prize consisted of a 30 thousand euro grant presented by the TTO of the Politecnico di Milano to enhance the technology by advancing the “TRL” (technology readiness level) and giving the possibility to get as close as possible to the business world. 

The team initially was composed of Eng. D’Alessandro and his colleagues and professors of the Politecnico who invented this new technology. Followed was the acceleration path at PoliHub, where one of the incubator’s mentors entered the team to consolidate the business side of the company.

In October 2017, the first patent was filed with the support of TTO. The search for industrial partners to implement the technology and validate the idea continued in parallel with the development of Phononic Vibes. In December 2017, the second patent application was filed to protect a new modular structure, which was an addition to isolate from mechanical and acoustic vibrations with its auxiliary properties. Thanks to the industrial collaborations undertaken at the end of 2017 and the Switch2Product grant, the Phononic Vibes team manages to build the first prototype on an industrial scale. It minimized the production costs and designed an effective business model for the “infrastructure and industrial vibration market”. In February 2018, the PhononicVibes team and the commercial partner (Pantecnica SrL) won the Innodriver call, the funds of which are for the installation and field-testing on a section of Italian railway.

In addition to the infrastructure strand, the acoustic application has also been carried out. A series of prototypes have been created whose sound insulation power has been certified. The team is currently working on this second application of technology for the creation of a production chain.

The new results assisted in winning the numerous other awards such as Everis Italia Award (April 2018) by Everis Italia SpA, D2T Adventure X Prize (May 2018) by Trentino Sviluppo SpA, Nidi Award (May 2018) by Innovami, stage 1 Climate-KIC Accelerator Italy by EIT.

In July 2018, the team established Phononic Vibes as an innovative start-up and spin-off of Politecnico, to continue development and market the promising technology.

Now the first pilot projects are being defined in collaboration with Ferrovie Nord and Atm. However, Phononic Vibes aims to revolutionize the daily lives not only of those who live next to the railway lines but also of anyone who needs to isolate their rooms through these modules that capture sounds and vibrations.

Referent: Politecnico di Milano

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