The researchers of the Politecnico di Milano explored two non-contact measuring solutions for the dimensional check for cylindrical semi-finished products made in an open forging. The semi-finished products have a temperature of about 1200°C. Until now, an operator carries out the dimensional check by using manual approaches (i.e. staying a few centimetres away from the incandescent piece and performing the measurement operation). Besides having high risk to the health/safety of an operator, this technique does not guarantee an accuracy of measurement that strictly depends on the skill of the operator.

Politecnico di Milano has developed two innovative solutions, one based on a laser rangefinder scanning with a wavelength that could not interfere with infrared radiation, and the other is based on telecentric cameras and machine vision algorithms.

Both solutions require short computation times, almost in real-time and allow dimensional measurements with tolerances of less than mm for diameters up to 1.2 m.

Referent: Politecnico di Milano

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